Rethymno church en

Rethymno Megali Panagia 

 big church of Virgin Mary Between Manioudaki and The bell tower which was built in 1899 has seven bells The biggest bell has the name of Russian Theodor de Chiostak and the other six have the names of the six Russian regiments of soldiers

Rethymno The Church of Mikri Panagia

little church of Virgin Mary Nikiforou Foka Street & Arambatzoglou Street at Μ Papaioanou Square The church was built during the last years of the Venetian Occupation and is dedicated to Mary Magdalene

Saint Barbara Church

Agias Varvaras Street The only church which hasn’t got a bell tower It was given to the Christians by the Russians with the same chandelier we see today

Μοιράσου το στα κοινωνικά δίκτυα

Rethymno church en

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